Patrick Temple, Steward
I have been a 5th grade teacher in the Hermiston School District since 2004.  I am married with two children; son Harrison who is 14, and my daughter, Kylie, 10.  My wife, Eva, and I were involved several years as volunteers in Jr./Sr. high youth ministry while living in Pendleton.  After deciding to move our family from Pendleton to Hermiston in 2007, I recall the anxiety of multiple Sunday morning “scouting trips” we made looking for a new church home in the time up to our relocation. 

The welcome we felt at the Hermiston Church of the Nazarene was a bridge to our new hometown.  In a sense of the word, the Hermiston Church of the Nazarene continues to be a “bridge” leading our family into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.  Through reflection and application of His word revealed in Scripture and by means of relationships which truly matter, our church continues to feed me with challenge and sense of purpose.  In return, I feel called to joyfully participate and contribute in anticipation of what God is going to accomplish.  This is too good to keep to ourselves!