Susan Whelan, Steward
Jim and I met as students at Stanfield High School, when I was the "new girl to town." Our friendship has lasted 50 years, and we are the parents of three children and five grandchildren.  Less than a year ago I retired after twenty years as a corporate employee of a regional bank.  I prepared for that career with jobs as a pesticide applicator, a fish-tracker via telemetry, a jobs-training instructor at the college, and a water meter reader.  I have been one of God's children since I was four years old, being fortunate to have been taught biblical principles and memory verses as I was growing up.  While that was a big blessing, it sure didn't guarantee angel status.  The devil found my address as a kid and has kept it in his Rolodex, but God kept me in His grip.  He still does.  I'm on the journey of walking with God and becoming more like Him as I let Him direct my paths.   He loves, He guides, He teaches, He forgives, and He never gives up on me! Thank you God!  I would like to serve God by helping the church continue its role of being a place to bring friends that need to see Jesus in the lives of others, as well as being a place where we Christians can dust-up and tune-up our spiritual armor.    Where God leads, I will follow.