Special Events




Fall Fest 2019

Free event for the entire family!

Thursday, October 31
5:00pm - 7:00pm

CLICK HERE to sign up to be part of the team and for more information.

GOAL: 20 Trunks and 100 gallons of candy


Welcome, Pastor Michael!

--- new Youth & Worship Pastor ---

Click here for his contact information.


October is
Pastor Appreciation Month

Your Board Stewards are excited to present this month-long opportunity for us to show our appreciation to our pastors.
There are baskets in the Connections Overflow, where you can bring cards, gift cards, handwritten notes, and gifts throughout the month.

Also compiled is a "Favorite Things" list for each of our leaders:


Pastor Eric's Favorite Things:
CANDY: Reese's Cups, Kit Kats, peanut M&Ms
SWEETS: rocky road ice cream, donuts (like Krispy Kreme), Fruity Pebbles cereal, s'mores over a fire
FOOD PLACES: YoCountry Frozen Yogurt, Hale's, Applebee's, Red Robin
FOOD: hot sauces!, pickles,  jalapeños, Taki's (chips), salt & vinegar chips
ACTIVITIES: like hunting, fishing, camping, kayaking

​​​​​​Pastor Michael's Favorite Things:
CANDY: Reese’s Cups & Reece's Pieces
FOOD PLACES: Diary Queen, pizza (Dominoes, Pizza Hut)
FOOD: Triscuits, Cheez Its
DRINKS: (no coffee or tea), Root Beer (A&W or Barq's)
ACTIVITIES: fill-in puzzles, Sodoku, sports, hockey, football
COLOR: orange, blue

Ministry Intern Aaron's Favorite Things:
Coffee ("necessary for the sustainment of life" :) )
DRINKS: LaCroix sparkling water, green tea, coffee
FOOD PLACES: Starbucks, Delish restaurant in Hermiston, great steaks and burger places
SWEETS: chocolate covered coffee beans, pumpkin spice
FOOD: apples, smoked almonds and cashews, cheese and crackers
ACTIVITIES: huge book lover; history books, theology, religion (gift idea: Barnes & Noble or Amazon gift card), mountain biking, and tactical, operational, and strategic video/board games



Alabaster Offering
September 22 - October 27

It's that time of year again!  We get to collect and donate coins to help build churches, medical clinics, and homes for pastors & missionaries around the world.
Click Here to see more about the Nazarene Church's Alabaster Offering and to see where your money goes.
There is a donation box in the Connections Overflow.

Elevate Student Ministry
Teens grades (6 through 12), THIS is your first event with Pastor Michael!

Mini Golfing
Friday, October 11 | 11am - about 3:00pm | meet at church

Since we're all out of school, let's go play mini-golf at Golf Universe in the Tri-Cities and have lunch together.
We will meet at the church @ 11a. We will return around 3p.
Bring money for food and $5 for mini-golf. Let's have some fun on a day off!
Parents of teens are also welcome to join us.

Interested in spending a weekend away?
It's time for the annual District Laymen's Retreat!
A weekend in beautiful Leavenworth for Nazarene Church-goers.

District Laymen's Retreat
October 25-27, 2019

REGISTRATION: through October 11.  Click here for important information: https://laymensretreat.com/registration/

The Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LaymensRetreat/



Membership Class
Sunday, November 3, after church, in the Ministry Center
If you would like to know more about HermNaz and becoming a member, click here to sign up.


coming up this fall
If you are interested, please click here to sign up or to get more information.


Veteran's Day Weekend Happenings:

Click here for additional information:

Fish Fry
Sunday, November 10

Plan on being part of the

MTO Serve Day (Mission to Others)
Sunday, November 24
Taking a Sunday morning to serve our community...together!

Christmas Sunday
Sunday, December 22

Christmas Eve
Tuesday, December 24

70th Anniversary Weekend
March 6, 7, 8, 2020
Hermiston Nazarene Church is getting ready to celebrate 70 years!  This is an exciting weekend full of events and celebrating all that God has done here over the last 7 decades.  Plan to be around that first weekend in March!