Fall Fest 2020:

Saturday, October 31

3:00pm - 5:00pm

1520 W Orchard Ave
at Hermiston Nazarene Church
(located off of 11th between Last Chance Tavern and Riverfront Park)

Outdoor Walk-Through Event

Facebook Event



Candy Donations
Goal: 100 gallons
individually-wrapped, strore-bought candy
deliver to the Candy Cans on Sundays at church

Trunk Sign-Up
Decorate your vehicle and hand out candy to our community in the HermNaz Parking Lot.

Here is what is accepted from our Trunks:

Trunk themes/costumes: decorate your vehicle in fun, positive, uplifting, child- and family-friendly


Here is what will not be accepted by our Trunks for the night of our event:

Trunk themes/costumes: horror, gore, blood, death, skull & bones, witchcraft, gothic, weapons, scary, demonic, political, etc..


By signing up, you are agreeing that you will be appropriate in your Trunk decorating.  Thank you for loving our community in this way at Fall Fest!

Sign up on the "HermNaz" app or click the button above!

Volunteer Sign-Up
Several ways to be involved in the night: Traffic Control, Greeters, Set-Up, Clean-Up

Sign up on the "HermNaz" app or click the button above!