Our Medical Team is certified, ready to assist, and a great resource to come alongside you.

There are first aid kits on our campus, as well as an AED unit.

Some services that we offer include periodical, free blood pressure checks on the church campus; free resources are available at these checks, as well.  We have also offered a CPR/AED Certification class where successful atendees receive American Heart Association CPR/AED Certification.

We want to be here for you.
Here are a couple ways we do that...


Blood Pressure Checks
Next Blood Presure Check day: to be announced
Additional resources are available at these times, as well.

CPR/AED Certification Class
Check back here for the next scheduled CPR/AED Class.




Your HermNaz Medical Team helped host a
Blood Drive on May 5

THANK YOU for donating and helping others in this way.
We were only 3 units short of our goal (of 30 units)!