Annual Diaper Dash



5th Annual
Diaper Dash

 A fun 5K and 10K walk/run for all ages.
Saturday,  March 2, 2019

Thank you for showing up, Hermiston!

134 Particpants
7,941 Diapers...and more still coming in
24 degrees outside

It was a great morning ~ and thank you for spending some of it with us and for suppoting your community this way.  The diapers donated will go to parents, families, teen moms, and agencies in our community who need a helping hand.

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WATCH THE 58 SECONDS highlight video below! 



ENTRY FEE: a package or box of diapers
-- to be given to those in need in our community –

Diaper Goal 2019:  15,000 Diapers

Giving a practical, needed item to parents and agencies in need in our a community.

Where do the donated diapers go?
The diapers you bring for your Diaper Dash Entry Fee are--throughout the year--given in our community to those in need. Families, single parents, teen moms, service agencies, and organizations thank YOU for participating and for donating diapers.

“Being a teenage mother is a very rigorous task.  It takes strength, faith, intelligence, patience, and support.  Having community support such is huge as they have felt judged, rejected, and/or feeling as though nobody cares…An outsider may see assistance with diapers as trivial, but to these girls it has been an enormous support.  They have all been extremely grateful and some have sighed with relief.  They all recognized that someone cared.
-- Mrs. Cuevas, School Counselor, Hermiston High School




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