Elevate Student Ministry


Elevate Student Ministry exists to see students and families encounter the living God. Through relevant teaching, engaging worship, fun games, and impactful Life Groups, we help see students develop a deep relationship with Jesus. We have many events that take place in the life of Elevate Student Ministry from lock-ins, camps, retreats, conferences, mission trips, etc.

There are many opportunities for students to connect and grow through Elevate Student Ministry. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Student Ministry Pastor Michael at the office (541.567.3677) or by email (Michael.HermNaz@gmail.com).

Pastor Michael joined HermNaz in September 2019 and is excited to get to know you!


Staying connected while not together.

Pastor Michael is doing a daily live group video "meeting" for students.  It includes time for fun, games, discussion, and spending time together and we invite our teens to join!

"AM with PM"
Monday through Saturday mornings at 10:00am
using the free Zoom website and mobile app

Sunday night Gathering
5:00pm Sundays
using the free Zoom website and mobile app
Youth group time with worship, prayer, a lesson, and discussion.
Current series: "You can't quarantine the Gospel"

TO LOGIN TO ZOOM: login details posted on our Facebook and Instagram

Social Medias: @ElevateHermNaz

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Give 'em a follow!

The band we had for March 6 rock concert: Final Greetings
We are so excited for the future events we have planned with them!

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Fun Fact: they plan to release new music this year!


Michael Castello, Youth & Worship Pastor
cell: (580) 919-0575
Email: Michael.HermNaz@gmail.com