College Care Packs

Gift Cards for College Students
---Helping our students get through Finals---

If you care to donate a $20 encouragement gift card for Finals Week, stop at the Connections Overflow table on Sunday.
We have 9 students who could use some encouragement as they finish out the semester.

We will have some pretty neat
postcards available on Sunday, so be sure to stop by the Connections Overfow and sign your name or write a note!

Please have gift cards at the Connections Overflow by Sunday, April 15th.




College Care Packs | Winter 2018

Sending love to our college students throughout the year.

Students are saying THANK YOU for the support and love with College Care Packs.  Check back here for the next round of Packs.

Want to send a note to a student anytime of the year?
Contact Nancy or Kelly Swarat for details.